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Flyer design


is a form of advertising paper intended for wide distribution and is usually placed or distributed in a public place, issued to individuals or sent by mail.

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Why do you need a flyer?

Whether you are starting a new business, expanding your business or want to promote a segment of your business, product or service, flyers are an indispensable and most profitable part of your marketing activities.

The basic three factors of a well-designed flyer:

  • attractiveness
  • clear information
  • conciseness

For those who will read your leaflet, everything must be clear and they must have answers to all important questions: who, what, where, when. The flyer must leave a great first impression.

Before creating a flyer, note the following: 1. Which flyer format matches the message you want to convey? 2. What do you want to achieve with your flyer? 3. Determine your target audience: Is your target audience already familiar with what you do, present or sell, and how will the flyer fit into other marketing activities? 4. How will you differ from the competition? 5. Define a clear CAT (call to action) – a call to action, motivate customers to contact you, use your product or buy it.

A flyer or flyer is a tangible display of your brand - something that customers can take with them, return to you and use as a coupon, for example, and achieve some value.

After completing the flyer design, you get all the files needed to print it. This includes vector files and a web file (JPG and PNG).
Absolutely! A great flyer design has to go through various stages in order to have the most effect. In the age of technology, flyer design can help build your relationship with new customers and get to know your brand or company.

The high-quality design of the flyer and the attractive content on it inspire readers to stay on it longer and thus create a lasting connection between your brand and them.
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Whether you plan to send your flyer via email marketing or share it directly with potential new customers, it is important to attract interest in your brand.

Be clear and detailed in your design requirements, including information on all the necessary tools (such as logo, colors, etc.) and provide constructive feedback to make sure you get what you want.

Flyer design – how to best use a flyer?

It is almost certain that the purpose of your flyer is to attract potential customers to perform a certain action. It could be anything from using a special offer, attending an event, or joining an organization you manage. Literally instructing potential clients or customers to do something may seem like an obvious step, but many people fail to do so and as a result miss out on business.

It could be said that leaflets are the “Swiss Army knife” of marketing

They can be anything – advertisements, announcements, invitations – and take different shapes and sizes. They are blank canvases waiting for a creative purpose. Maybe that purpose is to promote a concert, fundraiser or some other event. Or maybe it’s a new business market or advertising a big opening. The flyer can be adapted to any marketing purpose.

Whatever caught your eye was most likely a visual element – perhaps colors or shapes, or a beautiful photograph or illustration, or an attractively decorated typography. Leaflets are visual advertisements, whether they sell something or not. So, if you want the flyer to serve its intended purpose, you should see it first.

It is important to remember that no matter how convincing your words may be, poor visual content can dilute your message and prevent people from understanding you. Similarly, leaflets that look great but don’t offer high-quality written content can be incredibly inappropriate and look extremely unprofessional. When words, graphics and images are of the highest standard and all use the same tone, the results of your flyer can be fantastic and can have an outstanding effect when it comes to nurturing engagement with your brand.

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Flyer design – tips

Use photos, charts in your leaflets, because a picture still speaks a thousand words.

The information must be clear, easy to read and understand.

Depending on the needs of the client and the business, the leaflets can be single-sided, double-sided, folded or non-folded. As graphic designers, we will respect your wishes and design requirements, adhering to graphic standards.

In order to attract the attention of a customer or a client, you need to attract him with an attractive leaflet text.

If the title doesn’t appeal to him, he won’t read any more.

To promote events, products, services or promotional activities, promotions and events, we recommend the design of the flyer and then its printing.

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