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To create a logo as the basic identity of your business, we offer several options.

Logo design, with the help of our creativity, we adapt to your business. If you are not sure what you need, we will offer you several options and direct you to the world of colors and trends in Serbia and the world.

What is a logo?

The logo is the basis for your business. You can use it for a complete presentation in print and online. It can stand as a trademark of your brand on products, images, documents, etc.

Logo design is a process that requires the consent of many factors that are imposed in order to achieve an aesthetic, functional and original effect. This will set you apart from the competition.
The logo is a central element of a complex identification system. This system must be functionally extended to all communications of the organization. Thus, logo design and their inclusion in the system of visual identity is one of the most difficult and important areas of graphic design.

Its shape, colors, fonts and images should look different from others on the entire market.

Logos fall into three classifications (which can be combined):

  • Ideographers are completely abstract forms;
  • Picographs are iconic, representative designs;
  • logos (or sticker labels) display the company name or initials.

Package 1

»2 logo suggestions based on your requirements
»7 edits
»AI, EPS, PNG and other formats
»2-4 days

Package 2

»3 logo suggestions based on your requirements
»Unlimited changes
»AI, EPS, PNG and other formats
»5-7 days
» GIFT: business card design!

Package 3

»7 logo suggestions based on your requirements
»Unlimited changes
»AI, EPS, PNG and other formats
»7-10 days
» GIFT: business card and memo design!

Package 4

»7 logo suggestions based on your requirements
»Unlimited changes
»AI, EPS, PNG and other formats
»10-15 days
» GIFT: business card and memorandum design + WEBSITE UP TO FIVE PAGES

Logo design – the process of making a logo

Logo design is one of the most challenging parts we go through in any design process. It often goes back and forth in communication between the designer and the client.

The process itself can seem frustrating for both parties, because your logo is the most important thing we do for you. It is precisely the thing by which you are recognizable, the only thing that reflects what you are by nature, the only thing that represents you both as a person and as a company.

Broader steps in the logo design process include research, conceptualization, research of alternative candidates, refinement of the chosen design, product testing, and final adoption and production of the chosen brand.

Your brand with the logo looks more attractive

How many times have you forgotten the name of something, but can you describe what it looks like? In a world where people interact with hundreds of brands a day, you have milliseconds to get someone’s attention and stand out.

A recognizable logo facilitates this process, but also the job, because people are limited to recognizing images and using them to gain meaning and stories.

According to research, our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, or if it’s easier for you, it remembers 80% of images (as opposed to 20% of text and 10% of sound).

When designing a logo, think about the person who might see it on a sign, social media ad, poster, or laptop sticker – and then think about how you want to remember it.

Logo design is a strategy – it’s not just art

Logo design is not just art – too many people make mistakes because logos are a visual object.

The role of the designer is not to design beauty… and not to design something that he personally or the client likes, but instead logo design should be treated as a strategic business tool that will enable the identification of the company in the huge world we live in. Of course, a logo can still look good, but that should be a secondary factor when designing a logo.

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