Online Advertising

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Online advertising

Online advertising exists in many forms.

Online advertising, also known as internet marketing or internet advertising or web advertising, is a form of marketing and advertising that uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers.

Advertising on the Internet has become the most important form of advertising.

From Google Ads to advertising on Facebook, the goal is to present the company with a minimum of invested funds, but with the most effects. Online advertising offers many advantages over other advertising.

reklamiranje na društvenim mrežama marketing na instagramu


The low cost of electronic communication reduces the cost of running online ads compared to offline ads. Online advertising offers better return than other media.


Online advertisers can collect data about the effectiveness of their ads, such as the size of the potential audience or audience responses, how the visitor achieved their ad, whether the ad resulted in a sale, and whether the ad was actually placed in front of the visitor.


Advertisers have a wide range of ways to present their promotional messages, including the ability to upload images, videos, audio, and links. Unlike many ads, online ads can also be interactive. For example, some ads allow users to enter queries.


Ad publishers can offer advertisers the ability to create custom and narrow market segments for targeted advertising. Online advertising can use geo-targeting to show relevant ads to users. Advertisers can tailor each individual ad to a specific user based on previous user preferences.

Social Media Advertising

Most of the world’s population is connected to social networks in some way.

More and more companies are using social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to build a customer base for their products and services. In this way, you can incorporate your company into the daily lives of your customers and be constantly in front of their eyes. Other forms of internet marketing include banners, site directories, articles and other types of advertising. Some or all of these types can be extremely effective, but can also be very expensive or demanding.

Social media marketing creates interaction on each of them.

Unfortunately for business owners, social media marketing can often be expensive and extremely time consuming. Companies only hire workers for this process. At S8 Studios, we want to help you expand your reach to a wider audience through social media marketing at an affordable price. We will do all the work for you, and it is up to you to enjoy our fruits of labor.

Mobile Ads (Mobile Marketing)

We are deep into the 21st century, and mobile phones and tablets have outnumbered televisions by almost 3 to 1, so traditional advertising strategies have had to adapt. Starting with SMS (text messaging) ads, mobile advertising has rapidly evolved into a mobile network and in-app ads. “Free” applications are actually paid for by advertisements within them, as well as mobile versions of websites that will contain advertisements optimized for smaller mobile screens. With mobile marketing, personal data is collected through technologies such as location services which makes the ad seen by the user even more personalized. Habit and location information can be used to better target a potential customer.

Mobile ad types:

– Text banners
– Multimedia banners
– Short films
– Audio commercials
– Video commercials

Certain forms of mobile advertising should be used sparingly. Mobile devices are used so much that users can quickly get annoyed with ads, so a balance must be struck between effectively targeting your audience without annoying them. A mobile phone is an extremely personal device, which means that you have to be very careful that the user does not feel as if you are attacking their personal space. SMS or text ads are a great example of a mobile advertising form that can quickly become difficult for users or give the impression that their privacy has been violated.

By using different data, customers can be better targeted in inventive ways. For example, an effective reseller will use a targeted location to advertise to a mobile user in the immediate vicinity of their place of business. Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, and with that comes a high level of accessibility for companies that want to increase their customer base.

An effective strategy is key.

Most importantly, mobile ads are tailored to the mobile user. Just because an ad is effective on the desktop version, does not mean that it will have the same success on a mobile device. Simply reducing desktop ads to fit the mobile screen is not an effective strategy. We at S8 Studio know how to differentiate and customize strategies for mobile and desktop campaigns that will give you the most advertising power.

Google Display Advertising

With Google’s display network reaching over 2 million sites, rich media ads travel far!

Display advertising is a great way to increase your brand awareness online. Unlike text ads, rich media ads rely on images, audio, and video in the ad.

Rich media ads appear whenever your target audience browses the Internet instead of searching for your product or service, which is why these ads are commonly known as banner ads. We spend a lot more time surfing the web than specifically looking for a service, so it’s important to keep your business in front of your target audience as much as possible.

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