Poster design

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Poster design

Make a real impression, with a poster design with enough text, images and information, which together will form a whole

For you, we will implement all these key factors in a message that will reach your current and potential clients / customers.

Graphic poster design is our concern.

For originality in the design of your posters, we have the right solution.

Members of our team have many years of experience in working with the press and placing advertisements and advertising material.

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What is a poster?

Poster design should have a clear message and idea
A poster is a form of communication between an advertising provider and a consumer.

Poster design – the process of making

If the poster advertises an event, it may need to contain smaller text with all the details of the event. But the most important information should be easy to read from a distance. There is a hierarchy according to which posters with a lot of text usually follow in order to maintain the visual flow, starting with the title, and then the details at the bottom. A poster is usually created to display information about the event to people on the move. Therefore, the most important information – usually the title or title of the event – should be the largest and most characteristic detail.

Posters provide the perfect way to create great visibility. They can be used to direct potential customers to an event or to inform about a sale or service that your company can offer.

Once the poster design is complete, you get all the files needed to print it. This includes vector files and a web file (JPG and PNG).
Even in the digital age, the answer is unequivocal - YES! If done correctly, a well-designed poster can strengthen your brand and dramatically increase the impact of your marketing strategy.

Poster design often provides a lot of room for creativity. They are large and tend to attract attention, so that the consumer gets the message without you having to put it directly in your hands, as is the case with the flyer.
Dovoljno je da nam se javite putem naše kontakt stranice ili popunite formular na stranici PORUČI USLUGU!
Whether you plan to send your flyer via email marketing or place it in prominent places in your company or in designated places in the city, it is important to attract interest in your brand.

Be clear and detailed in your design requirements, including information on all the necessary tools (such as logo, colors, etc.) and provide constructive feedback to make sure you get what you want.

Remember your target audience

One of the nice things about the creative industry is that every designer has their own views on how they think design should look. But designers need to incorporate their aesthetics with clients, keeping in mind the target audience. This is an important factor to consider because it will determine how big the poster should be and, ultimately, what it should look like. For example, if the poster is to be advertised on a white wall, the designers will design the poster in a contrasting color. The key is in creating a poster that does not merge with the background, but one that stands out and attracts attention.

Use of typography and colors in poster design

When it comes to poster design, creative freedom is certainly the pinnacle of the design team. Today, designers are expected – and this is even important – to experiment with colors and typography in a strategic way.

Color is the primary tool in design and has the power to evoke the desired feeling or emotion in people. That is why the choice of colors should never be taken lightly in poster design. In fact, paint could really make or spoil a poster.

The same goes for the typography, which helps to really take you home, as well as to highlight the most important messages on the poster. The bold font makes a completely different statement from the italics.

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