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Responsive Web Design – Website design for all mobile devices

Our primary expertise is website development in Joomla and WordPress CMS

Over 60% of all CMS sites created are based on WordPress. For that reason, we chose it as one of the key skills in creating websites. Not only is it more cost effective than the standard design, but it is customizable to your needs. If you want to update the site yourself, then these are the ideal platforms for you. Of course, we offer you site design and support for any other option outside the mentioned CMS platforms, in the form of “custom” websites. These are sites created according to your requirements. Their development takes longer and is more demanding, but the site will also meet your needs. This type of site development is done on request. You send an inquiry, our developers estimate how long it takes to create a site and we send you an offer.

Creating a site adapted to mobile devices – Responsive Web Design

If your site is not mobile-friendly, chances are you’ll miss out on a lot of potential visitors and customers. You can even lose some old ones. Here’s why responsive web design will help you get more visitors and how its implementation can improve your business.

Improved user experience

Customizable design means that there is no redirection of the site to another part of it, no duplicate content, no unusual pages that look different on different platforms. Responsive web design customizes the site with a consistent look on all devices, thus offering the user a better experience, attracting more visitors, and thus increasing the conversion rate of your site.

Creating sites of all types and purposes

Willingness to adapt to mobile platforms

Many of the current (and potential) visitors are likely to access your site via some type of mobile device. Responsive web design automatically adjusts the site to different screen sizes. If your site is not customizable, the text becomes small for the visitor, distorts the images or will not fit properly into the screen of the device, which means that it will not be attractive to potential visitors.

Optimized content on the site

In any business, the desire is to reach as many customers or clients as possible. With the solutions we offer, you simply integrate your campaigns on all media directly with the site. The possibilities are many, from desktop computers to mobile devices, applications. This brings you more visitors, and therefore more consumers.

Increased site visibility on search engines

Google and other search engines like sites with customizable design and original content, they tend to push them to the very top of search results pages. This not only increases the overall visibility of your site, but also increases your exposure to the community, whether local, national, or even global. Create a site with an original design according to the highest world standards. We can help you write original content or optimize your old content, all in order to increase the visibility of your site.

Why will Responsive Web Design help you get more visitors?

With the rapid advancement of technology, the performance needed to keep your site relevant is changing. Refusing to update your old web design is a great way to lose visitors and miss the opportunity to gain new ones. Engaging this cutting-edge technology on the site improves the loading speed of the site, texts and images, and with this option it is a big step in gaining more clients. As well as a guarantee that your site will not stop working or lose the ability to update. The look of your site must be more than a polished, visual representation of your business and brand; it should work on all devices from which the visitor can access your site, including their laptop, mobile phone, tablet or other device. When creating a site, we take into account your needs.
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