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What is Search Engine Optimization?

What search engines are looking for? How can you design your site to cater to visitors / consumers as well as Google, Bing and other search engines? And the most important question: How can SEO help you to cash in on the Internet?

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Search engine optimization

– means customizing the site and changing content in the case of better positioning on the searchable one. Therefore, website optimization makes changing content, in order to be more functional provide more visitors who will stay longer on the website. SEO is constantly changing to the requirements/changes dictated by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. These changes are currently happening faster than we would like. For this reason, the term SEO is almost out of use, and it changes the term SEM – Search Engine Marketing. SEO or SEM plays the greatest role in optimizing your site. S8 Studio deals with the organic optimization techniques that influence the better placement of your website on organic search results.

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SEO optimization

– is a process of improving the quality and quantity of internet traffic to your site with the help of a series of proven SEO techniques that help your site achieve a better position on large search engines by using specific keywords and phrases that users knock in the search box.
At the very moment when search results are displayed, it’s safe to click on the links on the first page of the result, because they are the most relevant to the term you typed in the search.

A better result of SEO site optimization is significantly influenced by the regular maintenance of the site, which means that if you regularly complement the site with quality content, your site will be in a better position.

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From the very emergence of the Internet, a big fight takes its place on the first page of Google.

Statistics say that the average Internet user who searches for a specific term rarely moves from the first page to another. The logical conclusion is that, if they are not on the first page of organic search, there is little chance that someone will find your site.

On the other hand, your position on the first page of the Google search engine (as the most commonly used) brings you many more potential customers, and therefore a higher profit.

In the text below, you can find some of the sites for which we have been optimizing the site, which are on the first page of Google for specific terms.

If you want potential customers to find you faster and easier, ask for an estimate of your site’s optimization here.

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Examples of organic site optimization techniques include using key words, keyword and phrase analysis, backlinking, link building to improve site popularity, and writing content relevant to users and visitors to your site.

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