Visual identity design and branding

When we say “visual identity”, we mean the perceptible elements of the brand that contain symbolic meanings.

It is the basic means of recognizing your brand and the first element that sets you apart from the competition and other factors in the market.

Visual identity is a deciding factor in determining your current and potential customers for your brand.

Visual identity is the identity of your business that will be present on all documents, sites, products, social networks, your store.

vizuelni identitet
izrada vizuelnog identiteta

What is visual identity?

By visual identity we mean the visible elements of a brand (color, form, shape…) that unite and communicate to the public all its symbolic meanings that cannot be expressed in words.

The visual identity aims to standardize and unify all communication between the company and the audience whether it is in print or online.

Package 1

»2 logo suggestions based on your requirements
»7 edits
»AI, EPS, PNG and other formats
»2-4 days

Package 2

»3 logo suggestions based on your requirements
»Unlimited changes
»AI, EPS, PNG and other formats
»5-7 days
» GIFT: business card design!

Package 3

»7 logo suggestions based on your requirements
»Unlimited changes
»AI, EPS, PNG and other formats
»7-10 days
» GIFT: business card and memo design!

Package 4

»7 logo suggestions based on your requirements
»Unlimited changes
»AI, EPS, PNG and other formats
»10-15 days
» GIFT: design of business card and memorandum + CREATION OF WEBSITE UP TO FIVE PAGES

A strong visual identity expresses your vision, purpose and values while aiming to make your business different from the competition.

Visual identity is the glue that unites all your communication efforts into one coherent message that creates a consistent image of your business in the public spotlight.

A positive image helps you attract and retain customers and establish contacts.

Identity – image – logo

Identity is what you look like to yourself, when you say you are. The picture is how you look to other people, how they see you, who they think you are.

The corporate logo is a different visual representation of your brand – “who, what and how” that defines your company. It’s your ID.

Let customers find you faster!

Branding guidelines

Creating a set of branding guidelines helps define consistent and strong standards for the visual identity and materials of your business. We create guidelines to put all aspects of the brand into one. It makes the basic rules regarding logos, fonts, color schemes, designs and styles. This is done with the goal that all your presence, offline and online, reflects the recognizable look and feel that pertains to your brand. Branding guidelines, otherwise known as a “graphic standards book,” can include details about your company’s mission and business principles. You should share it with all employees so that everyone feels part of your brand story and your company in general.

What exactly are we doing?

We use our design skills to create or refresh your visual identity, which will leave a lasting good impression on your old, new and potential clients and customers.

In other words: we work to keep your company cool.

Creating a visual identity – Services:

» Logo design
» Redesign of the logo
» Online presence
» Business card design
» Memorandum
» Envelope
» Social profiles
» Image design for social networks

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